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If you want to enjoy a Mediterranean, creative kitchen and of full market of enchantment, flavor and textures, Salmaia is your restaurant, discovers as our plates can get to transmit the sensitivity of our Mediterranean climate combining incredible flavors paladar, see with your pair, friends, family and enjoys cosy surroundings, a little while that never you will forget.
If you thought that until the moment there were proford everything, you you do not think it, the Salmaia restaurant desdel first moment that you enter by the door you will enjoy a new sensation until now unknown. We hoped to you!

Venue Type:
Venue Capacity:
80 sitting

Salmaia Restaurant  Address:
Carretera C1415 km 2,5, Argentona, Catalonia, Spain, 08310

Contact Salmaia Restaurant :
Telephone Number: 34937974238

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08 December 2009
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08 December 2009

Salmaia Restaurant
The Salmaia restaurant takes advantage of to the maximum all best products season to offer to the client plates adapted to the different stations from the year. Throughout the year you can enjoy 4 differentiated letters to remove the maximum party to each product.</p>
<p>We have arrived at a commitment from quality and service with the best suppliers with so guaranteeing one línia uniforms with the quality of the products that we offer in the restaurant. These suppliers estan endorsed by own systems of control like APPCC and some from which they have obtained certificate ISO. Our exigencies with respect to the raw materials are fundamentally the quality of the product, all the foods are fresh products of season.</p>

In order to arrive at the Salmaia Restaurant
In order to arrive at the Salmaia Restaurant from Barcelona or Gerona you can make it by two freeways, the C32 of the coast Mataró direction; , <strong>exit number 99 of Granollers</strong>, a time you are in the C60 takes the first exit of Argentona, the first roundhouse that you are to the right, the second roundhouse from access to the town of Argentona you return to take the right by the C1415, this same highway takes directly to the Restaurant, just in front of the deviation of the population of Orrius you will find us.</p>
<p class="txt11">
If you come from Barcelona or Gerona by the AP7 or the C33 you must take the exit of Mataró by the C60, once in this highway takes to the exit number 3 of Argentona N, Dosrius, Orrius, when you arrive at a Stop turns to the right and you take the C1415 highway, you will be of face the Restaurant, you follow about 100 meters and in the deviation of the town of Orrius tours to the right, you will see the indication of the Parking.</p>